The "12-Pack" Waiver Wire Report: Week 6 Early Fantasy Recap and Week 7 Waiver Wire, with bonus SNF "40-Ounce"

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The Sunday games are now in the books, here are my early week 6 takeaways...
(1) Shonn Greene is people....he's peoooooople!: My advice after 161 on the ground and 3TDs? Sell high. Productive RBs are a scarcity in fantasy right now, and the Colts are a sieve. There's no way he sniffs half of that going forward and if you can come away with a king's ransom? Do it. 
(2) Dez-tiny?: 13 catches for 95 yards and 2 TDs (The drops? Well, they're gonna happen). If you were patient with the sandbagger, it's finally paying off. About time, son. 
(3) Smell Gibson: Sure the Rams passing attack is anemic, but someone had to emerge with some PPR value in the wake of Amendola going down with a clavicle injury. Brandon Gibson will get you low double digits (7/91) on a weekly basis, and is a decent WR3/Flex. 
(4) Vincent Can Go: To your bench next week. After the bye last week, Vincent Jackson had two TDs this week, which if you listened to our fairly unscientific response on the @2mugsff podcast, he'll likely lay an egg next week. You've been warned. 
(5) No JC for KC: 10 points for the Quinn led Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay. Two INTs for Shady Quinn doesn't help Jamaal's cause. Sure it stinks with Cassell under center, but it's even worse with Quinn starting. I wouldn't sit Charles unless the matchup was really poor, but when KC falls behind, his production suffers. That's 16 points in two weeks, folks. Yep.
(6) Mucho Denarius: The Raiders offense had some bright spots in it's loss to the Falcons this week, McFadden found the end zone (27/71/1TD & 3/28 rec.) and Moore came back to life with 5/104 and a TD. He. Got most of that yardage on a big play of 49 yards, but who's complaining? Enjoy while his hammy is still supple. 
(7) Stafford and Vick Get Right: Sort of. Both threw a combined 3 picks, but they got the ball to their #1 WRs (Megatron 6/135 & Maclin 6/131/1TD) and didn't completely fart in a phone booth on their fantasy owners. The Eagles have a much needed bye week 7, and Stafford faces a tall order in the tough Bears D. I'd hold on both, as brighter days appear to be ahead.
(8) Don't Act Like I Never Told Ya': The Pats protected the football vs. Seattle...mainly by not running the ball. That meant very little of Ridley...and every other RB. Instead, they kept it short and sweet, and kept the rangy Seahawk DBs looking for chewing gum under desks. Most of the bigger ill advised throws by Brady were luckily dropped by defenders (except for INTs by Sherman & Thomas), and Gronk and Hernandez (AHern scored for those ballsy fantasy owners who started him) were used extensively even though both were dinged up and given breathers, instead of their usual high end snap counts. The Pats run game will likely be a better bet next week when they face the porous Jets run defense in Foxboro. Ridley owners...exhale.
(9) Free RG3: A scary hit to the head last week didn't keep RG3 from going right back to where he started (after passing concussion tests early in the week). Griffin was fearless on a red zone carry, running up the gut for a TD. Alfred Morris was the main ball carrier (and did score early), but this was all RG3 for fantasy owners, as the WRs were an afterthought. 
(10) Doing Splits: The Bills backfield continues to be a fairly even workload, with both Spiller and Jackson finding the end zone vs. a pretty solid Arizona run defense. While neither one is a solid RB1 , they're serviceable RB2s, and face a dream matchup with the Titan defense in Buffalo. 
(11) Smith and Wesson Oil: Three interceptions by Alex Smith by a rag tag Giant's secondary. So much for that, "Let's throw all day vs. NY" strategy. 
(12) Rummy on the Board:
William Powell was the main man for the Cards me that Beanie and Ryan Williams are done for the year. Stephens-Howling couldn't get anything going, so Powell in the very least is a decent option vs. a tough Vikings run defense in week 7.
Did I mention the Pats secondary sucks lately? Start your grandmother at X receiver. 
Meanwhile, while RG3 was lighting it up, Luck and Ponder looked more rookie-esque, throwing multiple picks in respective losing efforts. Gotta take   your lumps, even vets have bad days (See Smith and Brady).
The John Skelton begins in Arizona...again...Fitzgerald owners high five awkwardly. 
The Pats secondary made Russell Wilson viable again (see above). 

Sunday Night Football "40 Ounce"

Welp, so much for Jordy Nelson underperforming for fantasy owners this week...or Aaron Rodgers for that matter.   Rodgers and Nelson combined for enough fantasy points individually to carry some teams to fantasy victories this week, while the rest of their slags coughed up single digits. The beauty of fantasy football, expect the Houston Texans AT HOME, to roll...and they roll over. Arian Foster salvaged a poor yards per carry night, to grab two goal line scores and continue to bolster his #1 RB value. Alex Green was decent, but again, proving that a team like Green Bay will rely on quick screens over pounding the rock 30 plus a game. Randall Cobb continues to increase his presence in the Packer offense, with another stellar game, especially in PPR leagues. James Jones continued his 2 TD game streak, and bailed out Jennings (still out with a groin injury) owners once again. 
The Houston offense (sans the Foster TDs) on the other hand, was pretty anemic. Once Rodgers kicked it into high gear, even garbage time production eluded this group, as Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels owners were left feeling short changed. There's absolutely no reason to sell high on any Packer skill players, as they were long over due to bust out, and this was their prime time showcase. 

Monday Night Football Tallboy

While Norv's days in San Diego continue to be numbered (like we say every year), his Chargers blew a double digit lead for the second straight week.  The Chargers held a 24-0 advantage at the half, and watched as the Peyton Manning led Broncos scored 35 unanswered points in the second half.  Here's what Rivers thought about that:

Rivers deserves much of the blame with 3 INTs and 2 fumbles in the second half, but Norv's antics were very evident in enabling this kind of performance from Rivers.  Despite at 24-7 lead after the Chargers first got the ball in the 3rd quarter, Norv continued to dial up deep passes (leading to INTs) and other long developing plays behind a line that was missing starting left tackle Jared Gaither...hence the fumbles.  Meanwhile, Ryan Mathews saw just two 4th quarter carries.  
While it's hard to blame Norv as far as running the ball (Mathews only averaged a pedestrian 3.36ypc), it makes no sense to have your most dynamic playmaker in Mathews on the sideline in favor of Ronnie Brown, who has strangely emerged as the Chargers passing down back.  That's Norv for you though.
Meanwhile, Manning and Co. got off to a rough first half start, but cruised in the second half behind Manning's 300-yard, 3 touchdown effort.  Both Decker and Thomas found paydirt, but Decker had 9 targets to Thomas' 2 targets.  This is a situation that will change by the week.  Stokley has emerged as a decent add in 14-team leagues, while Tamme continues to underwhelm.  He saw 2 target to Dreessen's 7.  This is probably a situation to avoid in 10 and 12-team leagues.
The biggest takeaway from the Broncos is that Willis McGahee is an excellent trade target heading into the Bye week.  Despite a 24-0 disadvantage at halftime, McGahee still managed 98 all-purpose yards.  Going forward, 8 of Denver's final 10 games will be against bottom 15 run defenses.  Buy now!
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