The 2MugsFF Playoff Challenge

2MugsFF Playoff Challenge

Still haven't had your fill of fantasy football for the season?  Well then join 2 Mugs Fantasy Football's Playoff Challenge.  Here's the skinny:

  • $5, winner takes all
  • You may pick a total of eight (8) players per playoff week: (1) QB; (2) RB; (2) WR; (1) TE; (1) K; and (1) D/ST.
  • You may select the same player multiple times assuming that his team progresses through the playoffs. The players you select for each week will accumulate fantasy points based on the Scoring System below. Also note that if you keep a player in your starting lineup for multiple weeks, you earn bonus multipliers that can help earn you even more points!
  • The fantasy points accumulated by each player during a playoff week is multiplied by the number of consecutive weeks in which the player has been on your roster.

    For example: A user selects Tom Brady, NE in the Wild Card round. Brady earns 15 fantasy points in the first weekly scoring period therefore the participant is awarded 15 points for the first weekly scoring period. If NE advances to the Divisional Round and the participant selects to keep Brady on his/her roster for the second consecutive weekly scoring period, and Brady earns 20 fantasy points in his Divisional Playoff game, the participant will earn 40 points for the second consecutive weekly scoring period (20 x 2 = 40). Those 40 points will be added to the 15 points earned in the first weekly scoring period for a two-week total of 55 points (15 + 40 = 55).

    In addition, a user can select Tom Brady, NE in the Wild Card round even if the New England Patriots have a bye into the Divisional Round. In this case, the user would not earn any points for the Wild Card round, but would then be eligible to earn double points in the Divisional round, since Brady was on the team's roster for two (2) weekly scoring periods.


Here are the full rules for the contest.  Interested?  Send an , or contact us on Twitter: , , or .  Once we receive your $5 (via Paypal), we'll send you the league link.  Good luck!