"Hot Garbage" Waiver Wire Week 15 (Monday Night Update & Flex Luthor of the Week)

The Fantasy Playoffs are now a reality, and the waiver wire is thinning out like Drew Brees' melon. This is an "add some speculative depth" version of the Hot Garbage Waiver Wire, so grab some of these "truffles" for the holiday playoff season...


Monday Night Football Wrap-Up:


STL @ SEA: What can you say about Marshawn "Bite Sized Candies" Lynch that hasn't already been said? That he was generally an inconsistent disappointment until mid season of this year? That would be true, but as our guy @RyFo18 pointed out on Twitter last night, it is sure fun to watch him run, and carry mofos with him like human backpacks. Up next? A reeling Chicago Bears team, that should be a solid playoff week matchup for Lynch. I was nice to see Dougie Fresh Baldwin do his thang all over the field like Troy Brown on Red Bull, unfortunately, the inaccuracy of Tavaris Jackson hurt any good will and chemistry he had with Golden Tate the week prior. This could be a maddening situation to avoid going forward. The Seattle defense did not disappoint, racking up 3 sacks, 1 INT, and only allowing 13 points.

What was good about the Rams for fantasy purposes? Not much, but  you have to like Steven Jackson finding the end zone, and Brandon Lloyd will continue to be the number one WR in a rather anemic offense.


"Flex Luthor" Start of the Week  (15): New England Patriots/ DEF- I'm sticking to what's been money as of late, and that's team defenses. But WHOAH! Rummy, are you drunk? The Pats dump more yardage than a compost truck. I know, I know, hear me out...


If anyone knows Tebow- It's Bill Belichick, who famously had Tebow to dinner in the North End of Boston prior to the NFL Draft, so he did his homework on how he could be successful in the NFL. Belichick is close to Urban Meyer, and I'm sure he's picked his brain on the option/hybrid used by Meyer's Gator teams that won a National Title with Tebow. Add to that, 3 of Tebow's teammates (Spikes, Hernandez & Cunningham) are all Patriots now, and had to defend against Tebow in practice. What does that mean? Hopefully enough to stifle this offense (that doesn't score a ton anyway), to have to match Tom Brady point for point, and ulimately result in multiple turnovers and thus fantasy gold.




Sunday Night Late Game Wrap-Up:


SF @ ARZ: I wouldn't read a ton into the surprise loss for the Niners, the Cardinal defense is playing better, and the SF defense wasn't ready for John Skelton in relief of Kevin Kolb. That said, we all know Skelton is actually BETTER for Larry Fitzgerald's value, but don't rush out to add Skelton unless you're desperate, and we still don't know if Kolb will be back after suffering a concussion. My guess is with Kolb's concussion history HE WON'T play, but I don't  trust Skelton week to week either way.


CHI @ DEN: It's official, Demaryius Thomas is Tebow's new binky. That makes two weeks in a row, and that's a trend, and Eric Decker is returning Tebow's Chrismas gifts as we speak. Continue to use Thomas as a solid flex play in the hopes that "Tebow Time" rings true in garbage time, as it should vs. New England, who give up a ton of yards in the 2nd half...and to lesser QBs than Tebow.


OAK @ GB: A little surprised that Oakland played so poorly vs. Green Bay's defense, who've allowed as many yards through the air as the Patriot's porous crew. Fact of the matter is, the offensive juggernaut lead by Aaron Rodgers will continue to score at will, and teams will need the discipline to not get lazy in the process. The injury to Greg Jennings (MCL injury, with MRI today) means an uptick for Finley and an expected big bump for Jordy Nelson as the big play WR. It's too muddy to expect Jones,Driver & Cobb to leapfrog each other in the pecking order, but there will be enough to go around for sure.


BUF @ SD: Philip Rivers continues to do some "Hillbilly Handfishin'" with a 2nd week of strong fantasy play, after finding his "purpose" like Navin Johnson. Vincent Jackson is lending real evidence to the fact that he's "an every other week" performer as we've cited here on 2Mugs,  putting up middling numbers while Antonio Gates scored twice and was Rivers' favorite target. Ryan Mathews did lose another red zone TD to Mike Tolbert, but Mathews had another solid game with over a hunny on the ground, and adding six catches through the air. He's the clear lead with Tolbert stealing GL work.


NYG @ DAL: Demarco Murray's injured ankle gave way to Felix Jones' resurgence, with Tony Fiametta leading the way with huge holes for Jones to exploit. While Jones will be available in smaller leagues, he's likely rostered already in 14 team leaguers and up, but make him your number one WW priority with a tasty Tampa Bay matchup on tap. A word of caution, Jones is a fragile flower, so if he gets sidelined after 6 carries in his next matchup, don't be shocked, it's the Felix we know. The Laurent Robinson situation continues to make Miles Austin owners want to punch their Tony Romo Fathead square in his baby maker. Is what it is, I'm afraid, and going forward you'll have to accept inconsistent production from week to week. All three WRs (Austin, Robinson, & Bryant) all found the end zone, but it could get maddening with all three healthy. Just play each one and hope for the best.

Eli Manning continues to get it done, especially late in games, making him both a fantasy and reality stud. I don't read too much into Manningham in the mix, I think that was a by product of Eli looking to get him involved now that he's healthy. I still expect Victor Cruz to be the #2 option to Hakeem Nicks going forward. Brandon Jacobs had a big game, but he's still the stiff you always knew, and I trust a honey badger with a box of kittens more than I trust Jacobs week to week.








QB: Joe Webb/MIN- An injured Christian Ponder (hip) putting forth a miserable performance gave way to Webb, who can certainly make plays with his feet. As a passer? He needs more help than Tebow, but he's an athlete who can get you you just enough cheap garbage time love to give you double digit points. Grab him if you're needy at QB.



 RB: Chris Ivory/N.O.- Yes, the committee rotation is maddening, but Ivory looked good vs. TENN, & he could very well be a garbage time hero when New Orleans have their remaining games well at hand. Pick him up as a risk/reward flex play.



WR: Titus Young/DET- "HepaTitus Y" has a way of infecting the waiver wire this week, & while it's hard to trust anyone outside of Megatron in the Detroit passing game, he's a talented WR with upside. He's a speculative add, but if you're a gambler...



TE: Joel Dreesen/HOU: Much like Corky St. Clair, I hate Joel Dreesen & his ass face...mainly because I'm an Owen Daniels owner. However, let's face facts, all he does is score TDs. In fact, he's scored every week for the last three weeks, and Yates looks his way in the red zone. Get him now for the playoff run.



***Stay tuned for the Sunday/ Monday Night Wrap-Ups & the "Flex Luthor" of Week 11 on Tuesday morning...