Rummy's Divisional Round Salary Cap League Lineup Locks

The Wild Card Round is officially over, and the only major  upset (unless you love Jesus, DUH!) was the Denver Broncos eliminating the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers. Looking back, a gimpy Roethlisberger, no Mendenhall & a Pittsburgh defense that had little or no respect for the arm of Tim Tebow, it may have been a forgone conclusion...even though it came down to "Tebow-vertime." In any case, let's get cracking...



QB: Tom Brady/ NE: What can you say? At home, a full compliment of healthy weapons and the return of the Prodigal Son-of-a-bitch, Josh McDaniels. The last meeting with Denver, the Pats were banged up, and STILL managed to drop 42 points on the Denver defense after a slow first half. I expect McD to want to drop bomb after bomb on this defense, and make Pat Bowlen reevaluate his existence. No letting up from Belichick and Brady, and that should send a message to the rest of the NFL, and result in fantasy playoff gold for those who start the future HOFer.



RB: Frank Gore/SF: If the Niners have any hope of keeping up with the juggernaut offense of the Saints, they'll have to run, run, and run some more. Forget that Alex Smith is "managing the game" well this year under Jim Harbaugh's direction, having him sling the rock early is a mistake. That's why I think, at the stick, on a grass field, they need to abuse the vulnerable interior defense of the Saints, and pound the ball with Gore and Hunter. If they stick to the plan, and the defense disrupts the pocket for Brees (like the Lions did in the first half), Gore should get enough work and explosive plays in the first half alone to merit a start.



RB: Ahmad Bradshaw/NYG: Again, I'm sticking with the better matchup here, and the Packers have been supsect versus the run this year, and the Giants need to use the one edge they have over the Packers, THE RUN GAME, if they expect to move on to the Conference Championship & the Superbowl. Granted, Brandon Jacobs came to life vs. Atlanta in the Wild Card round, but I trust the game of Bradshaw more in this one, who should get it done in PPR as well.


WR: Wes Welker/NE: Last go round, the Broncos sought to press Welker & Gronkowski early in their week 15 matchup, and it worked to some effect, even though it blew up in their face in the 2nd half, and Aaron Hernandez benefitted all day from the single coverage, with a career day. I think having McD back in house will get Welker loose in more hurry up packages, and result in a strong PPR day for the prolific slot receiver.



WR: Jordy Nelson/GB: Big spot? Deep threat. I'm not overthinking this one, I don't like, I LOVE Jordy Nelson this week. I think the Packers come out slinging in this game, and with Jennings not 100% after returning from injury, and coverage rolled to Finley, I think Nelson will exploit the subpar secondary coverage of the Giants.



TE: Rob Gronkowski/NE: Yeah, I thought about the "Rev" Jimmy Graham here, but I think Denver tries to stop Aaron Hernandez from repeating his week 15 performance in this matchup, much to their peril. I expect full on spikeage.



K: David Akers/SF: The Niners will pound the rock, and get Akers within 40 yard FG range. That's music to your ears. Get some.



Team Defense: New England:Yeah, I know, I'm going all in on New England this round, but consider the obvious: The Pats dropped 42 the last meeting on the Denver defense, so playing catch up is inevitable. That should result in INTs, sacks and forced fumbles, and overall team defense goodness. I honestlt don't trust any team defense to shut anyone team down in any of the other matchups, as much as I trust NE. Go figure.