Rummy's Wild Card Weekend Salary Cap League Lineup Locks

*The following lineup is based on Post Season Salary Cap Leagues, and is comprised with the knowledge that the following players will advance (hopefully) and likely used again in leagues where you’re able to use the same player as they advance to the Divisional Rounds...

Wildcard Round-

QB: Drew Brees/N.O.- Why not? He’s on fire right now, he reawakened the “gimpy giant” in Marques Colston, (who has scored 3 times the last two weeks of the season) and is making me re-think my SuperBowl pick the last few weeks. Potentially lasting deep into the playoffs, Brees is a strong bet to stack up fantasy gold.

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw/NYG- Call me crazy, but I’m not buying the Falcon hype right now. The Giants are doing that thing they do, heating up late in the year (ala 2007) and pushing for a Super Bowl run. Bradshaw is key to that run, keeping the Falcons defense on their heels and in return, making for a nice play for fantasy owners. Bradshaw has found the end zone five times in the last three weeks, and is getting healthy at the right time.

RB: Arian Foster/HOU- Forget that T.J. Yates is his QB, this offense starts and ends with Foster and the Texans will look to potentially have to account for a healthy Andre Johnson, and create space underneath for Foster and Tate in the run game. The Bengals are a sound defense, but this is a revenge matchup for Foster who wasn’t 100% healthy when they met in December. I expect a rested Foster to go off and help the Texans into the Divisional Playoffs.

WR: Victor Cruz/NYG- The Salsa Machine out of UMass has been a fantasy savior for many this year, coming out of nowhere as a #3 WR for the Giants, and emerging as Eli’s go-to WR, ala Steve Smith (who left for Philly in FA). I’ve long preached “trust” between QB & WR, and Cruz has Manning’s trust. I expect Cruz to have another stellar game at home vs. Atlanta.

WR: Calvin Johnson/DET- He’s Megatron. You always play your Autobots. Period.

TE: Jimmy Graham/N.O.- The “Rev” as our buddy, @Chet_G likes to call him, is 2nd to only Rob Gronkowski in overall awesomeness and fantasy football goodness, and since Gronk is on a bye? Start the “Rev-olution” this week and every week going forward, on the road to Indy.

K: Mike Nugent/CIN- Easy math. The Cincy offense will stall, and the Bungles will get plenty of FG tries for *Ted’s 3rd cousin (*not really his cousin.)

DEF: Pittsburgh Steelers: Not over thinking this one. The Broncos are 25th in scoring (thanks Tebow!) and they face a shaky QB for at least 3 quarters (thanks Tebow!). With or without Ryan Clark, this defense needs to step up if they intend to move on in the playoffs with an injured Ben Roethlisberger (high ankle sprain), and Rashard Mendenhall on IR.

Those are my swami-like predictions for Wild Card Weekend, feel free to holler at me (in joy or disgust) on Twitter: @Rumfordjohnny, come Monday morning. Good luck, mugs!!