The "12-Pack" Waiver Wire Report: Week 4 Early Fantasy Recap, with Bonus Sunday Night "40 Ounce & MNF Hangover"

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The Sunday games are now in the books, and it's been an eventful Week 4 thus far, here are my early takeaways...

(1) Fumbling is half the Jackie Battle: So it would seem, eh? You can put Norv Turner in the Belichick/ Coughlin category of "If you fumble, you are dead to me." Ryan Mathews value hasn't been any lower as a result. I'd make a press on your league's Mathews owner and stash him away for when Ol' Granola Puss comes to his senses.

(2) Patriot Flames: You heard me rant on the @2MugsFF Podcast, but the Hernandez-less Pats offense is a work in progress, a slow burn if you will. When they reverted back to a 3WR spread look, it was going to take some time to get back to its usual Swiss Watch precision...and it helped that they were facing the Bills this week. Ridley looked good, even with a rotation of Woodhead and Bolden ( who had a huge day) stealing carries. The Pats just needed to get their rhythm together, and they appeared to do so in spades in the second half vs. Buffalo. To review, Welker will be PPR monstrous, but temper expectations for Gronkowski and Lloyd (even though both scored ) for the next few weeks as stone cold locks. Buy low on both Gronk and Lloyd as the returns could be inconsistent and could inflate exponentially thereafter. Fully expect the Pats to have success running the ball vs. Denver in week 5.

(3) Geezer on Waivers Alert: Jake Locker fall down, go boom, hurt shoulder. Enter the "Forehead" Matt Hasselbeck. You could do worse... especially when Kenny Britt returns...someday. Sigh.

(4) Sometimes you get it wrong: Jamaal Charles, case in point. Coming back from an ACL injury, OC declares a timeshare with Hillis in the preseason? The last two games (despite the two fumbles) has put up Madden-like numbers. If you traded for him or held tight? Good for you, Spider.

(5) Santoni...NOOOOO! : Lose your best player period for the year (Revis), now it looks like Holmes could be done as well after he was carted off with a foot injury (details forthcoming). Again, this is fantasy football diarrhea. Pinch your nose and run away.

(6) Bowe knows GTP: Why fantasy football beats real football. Your team getting reamed like a lemon in Martha Stewart's kitchen? No worries, Bowe saved your fantasy bacon with a 7/108/1 TD stat line.

(7) Buy Low on Cheese: Last week I suggested you buy low on Packer skill players, and lo and behold, they get right vs. the porous Saints defense. Granted, it's likely guys that will infuriate you (see Jones, James), but Aaron Rodgers will reward your patience after three weeks of putrid production, (see Nelson, Jordy.)

(8) Quick! Everyone say "I told you so" about Chris Johnson!: Really, 25/141? You saw that coming right, guy who just sold low, right? Hey, same guy, BUY HIGH!

(9) Russell Mania...may not be running wild? : Three picks and a loss to the Rams? It may be Matt Flynn time sooner than we think. If you have room, it might be wise to stash him as a QB2. With Lynch the only offensive bright spot, a shift is immanent at QB.

(10) We Can End the "Is A.J. Green Legit?" Conversation: He is, just in case you were wondering. I'll take a number one WR with freakish ability, with a more than competent QB (Dalton), over WRs in offenses with QBs with too many options. While it can work some weeks (see Brady, Tom), it can fall flat other weeks. Green will put up stud numbers every week, and next year is a top 3 option. There, I said it, gobble up that pudding, kids.

(11) Thank you, Vincent Jackson and Fuck you, Brian Hartline: For doing what you're
supposed to do, and for doing what you're not supposed to do. VJax gets a perfectly timed bye, but by all means, don't get too cute with Hartline. He's Amendola with YAC. More lucky than talented.

(12) It sucks to be a Saints fan, but... : Not a Saints fantasy owner. Brees put up huge numbers (as expected), as did Graham and the usual suspects, namely Colston and Moore in PPR. If you play in a league where real life lack of wins make owners shit their collective pants? Happily raid their cupboard of Saints skill players. They'll play from behind all year, and they're still a gawddamn talented offense.

Sunday Night Football "40 Ounce"- Another Sunday night snoozer, both the Giants and Eagles were more proficient on defense through the 1st quarter, and were slow to heat up in a rather low scoring affair. Andy Reid's decision to go pass heavy and "McCoy-less" early, actually kept the Giants in this game, but Vick wasn't exactly horrible either, protecting the football and putting up just under 20 pts in most scoring leagues, with a little help from his feet. LeSean McCoy owners were ready to self-defibrilate, until Andy Reid realized he had a top three RB on his roster in the 2nd half. McCoy salvaged his day with over 100 yards and 3 catches on the day. Not sure what to make of Maclin's disappearing act, other than he's not quite 100% healthy, giving way to DeSean Jackson 's 6/99/1 stat line. The rest of the WR corps was pedestrian in this low scoring affair.

As for the Giants, aside from one boneheaded throw (INT) for Eli Manning, he had a solid fantasy day (309/2TDS). Hixon and Cruz lead the way with 6/114 and 9/109/1 TD respectively in the passing game. The improved Eagles run defense shut down the Giants rushing attack, who ran collectively under 20 carries total. The Brown vs. Bradshaw debate will have to wait a week. Again, this was a defensive game for the most part, with moderate fantasy gains.

MNF Hangover: Welp, Romo and Dez put on a show...unfortunately it was the Benny Hill Show. Five picks, bad routes and drops, the Dallas offense looked completely out of sync, due in part to the continued outstanding play of the Bears defense. In fact, it helped put Jay Cutler in enough scoring situations to blur his crazy footwork and ill advised throws. Cutler and Marshall were the highlights tonight, as the dinged up run game of Chicago (Forte and Bush) needs to get healthy to be a juggernaut once again. Witten was the big bright spot for Dallas, putting up his best numbers of the season (13/112/1TD). Dez had a solid PPR game, but only found the end zone in garbage time on a 2PT conversion (8/105).

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