"The Monday Hangover" (Rummy's NFL News & Notes)


One more day until the floodgates of NFL Free Agency are opened, and big time players find new zip codes...or not. For serious NFL diehards, this is indeed the silly season, a time where objectivity can be tossed out the window and huge sums awarded to desperate teams in need of marquee offseason splashes. Some teams will choose to lay low and let the market come to them. Those are the teams that generally contend year to year, without setting back their franchise with a costly misstep. In any case, it will be fun to watch it all unravel...

Waitin' on Peyton

All signs up until Saturday evening pointed to Manning all but planning a sleepover at John Elway's crib, but the current noise says the Cardinals are serious about Manning as well. Will the Phins make a last minute push, or did they push too hard already?  I think Denver may seem like a slam dunk public relations move, sign Manning/trade Tebow. What if Manning has neck issues early in the season? The fanbase still loves Tebow, a QB who led the team to a playoff win against the once mighty Steelers just a few months ago. Tebow puts butts in seats, will an ailing Manning do the same?
While Arizona looks like a serious player, they still have cap wrangling to do and a shaky offensive line could spell disaster for an aging QB with a surgically repaired neck. Sure, Manning's rocket like release bailed out a sub par offensive line in Indy, but what if that release falters? I shudder to think.
Miami could still be a player here with a solid O-Line and an attractive free agent landing spot for former teammate and Miami Hurricane, Reggie Wayne. However, the Stephen Ross ownership group may be a bit too knee-jerk for the even keeled Manning. Time will tell.

Free Agent Landing Spots

Here are a few logical, and perhaps not quite as obvious fits for current free agents...
Peyton Manning, Cardinals - Our guys over at Rotoworld ( & ) were on this spot months ago, and while I still find it odd they've given up on Kolb already, I think they needed to make a game changing move in a division that seems to no longer be in their grasp.
Matt Flynn, Dolphins -This is the only landing spot other than his previous home in Green Bay that makes any sense. Sure, Cleveland is in the mix, but they would be better served drafting Tannehill or waiting on Weeden in the 2nd round.
Running Backs
Benjarvus Green Ellis, Chiefs - He's been mentioned before, and the fit is almost too perfect. Green-Ellis is a goal line back that can get the dirty yards while Jamaal Charles rips off the home runs. I expect Pioli to make a solid offer to the Law Firm and sport one of the best, sure-handed running back tandems in the NFL.
Mike Tolbert, Jets - Shonn Greene underwhelms at times, and as an aging LT hung around the last few years proves, Greene still struggles as a 3rd down back. Enter the land bound vulture himself, Mike Tolbert. The Jets extension of Mark Sanchez means one thing, Sparano and Co. will pound the rock a ton. Tolbert should garner third down back money and split time with Greene and Joe McKnight.
Wide Receivers
Brandon Lloyd, Patriots - I don't think New England rushes out to get Lloyd with a fat offer, especially since his gushing overtures indicate he'd take a discount to be reunited with Josh McDaniels. I think the Patriots could target Vincent Jackson, but Lloyd fits the economical approach they've had over the years toward veteran players on the tail end of their careers. While Lloyd is not exactly Joey Galloway age wise (he turns 31 this summer), he is a late bloomer, and his best work is under McD.
Vincent Jackson, Redskins - Dan Snyder gave up 1st round picks into 2014 to move up with St. Louis to ensure they would get Robert Griffin III, so he's likely to be a bigger player via free agency for weapons for his young franchise QB. The biggest and best toy out there is Vincent Jackson, and Snyder will pay through the nose to bring him to D.C.
Tight Ends
Dallas Clark, Cardinals - The oft injured Clark was a house cleaning casualty in Indy, and at age 32 he won't draw a ton of interest as more of a move/h-back with diminishing speed. However, with Reggie Wayne likely to find work with Manning as a #2 WR alongside Larry Fitzgerald, Manning could use a familiar trusted target in Clark out in Ol' "Colts West."


Speaking of "Drafts," one of the best interactive mock drafts returns to Twitter in the form of Brandon Nall's #MockOne, and Round #1 is in fully swing with plenty of surprises already. You can follow along with hashtag , or check out the full site, www.mockone.net . You can also give Brandon a follow at  on Twitter, and tell him what an evil genius he is for creating this mock draft monster.

One Last Thought

Once free agency hashes out, with Peyton Manning likely either landing in Arizona or Denver and Matt Flynn potentially hooking up with Joe Philbin in Miami, teams like Cleveland and Seattle who are both the QB business are left scratching their heads. So what does Cleveland do at #4? My guess is if they really love Tannehill, they take him in that spot. Waiting until 2013 is another year behind the 8-ball for the Browns in the AFC North. Cleveland can also trade down with a team like Seattle--who according to insiders at the Combine are jacked and pumped for the Texas A&M quarterback. Cleveland could collect additional picks, and take Brandon Weeden in the 2nd round, or think outside the box and trade for a QB like Ryan Mallett or Brian Hoyer in New England. In either case, the Browns look to be in good shape in terms of building a solid foundation of young talent.