The "12-Pack" : Week 11 Fantasy Recap & Early Week 12 Waiver Wire , plus the bonus #SNF "40-Ounce"

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The Sunday games are now in the books, here are my early week 11 takeaways...

(1) Cecil Shorts is an every week fantasy starter- I've been using him as a WR3 in one league, and he as yet to let me down. Even with two of the biggest stiffs (Gabbert and Henne) at QB, his talent rises to the top. Speaking of Henne, in the short term, he's certainly the lesser of two evils. He's actually finally made Justin Blackmon fantasy relevant. Will he throw his share of picks going forward? Sure, but you have to figure he'll get his chance going forward with Gabbert dinged up and no hope for a playoff spot.

(2) Steven Jackson is running hard right now- If you traded for him on the cheap, you might be rewarded down the stretch. Hopefully with Amendola banged up, they'll lean on him even more.

(3) Andre Johnson is healthy- and his QB knows he's alive. No delusions that the Texans are a run first team, but if they expect to roll with the pass happy teams in the post season like New England, they'll need to become more balanced. Johnson's 14/273/ 1 TD is seventh best all-time in yardage. A good sign of things to come.

(4) I called Rashad Jennings "just a guy"- Thankfully he proved me right this week. Jalen Parmalee is worth a two week rental vs. the Titans and Bills in successive weeks.

(5) Benjarvus-Green "Sell-Us"- Please, the man is a slug. Plus, he faced the Chiefs, don't get cute.

(6) Matt Ryan- Stink happens. Hopefully it didn't cost you a fantasy win this week.

(7) Better late than never- Thanks, Dez.

(8) The Jets defense and Mark Sanchez had a good day- versus the Rams. Still not using any of these stiffs for fantasy. I mean, the Rams let Shonn Greene looked explosive...that's all you need to know. Mirage, folks.

(9) RG3 is not a mirage, folks- 200 yards passing, 4 TDs and 85 yards rushing. The only problem is, he makes no one WR fantasy relevant. So until this WR corps fleshes itself out, this is the RG3 show.

(10) In 2013, you may have to go a round early on Marcel Reece- He's just that important to this offense when McFadden is out. Besides, it's fast becoming a pass heavy offense anyway, so you'll be wise to snag Reece next year as a PPR slam dunk in DMC's wake.

(11) Andy Reid is going down with the ship- and he's throwing the damn football. Bizarre how (but not surprising) the Iggles went pass heavy in this matchup, when in fact a run first attack would have limited reps for both RG3, and Nick Foles. Reid will be spared a pink slip until the season is over, but make no mistake, he's done in Philly. Eagles fans better hope and pray Lurie makes a hard sell to Chip Kelly, to salvage an otherwise talented group of skill players.

(12) Rummy On the Board-

Another by product of the Houston passing game, is that it's helping cover some late season lags by Arian Foster, who had a weak outing vs. a beatable Jags run defense (who came to play on Sunday). They'll also need fresh legs for their post-season run, and with Schaub posting numbers like this ( over 500 yards & 5 TDs), it bodes well for a more balanced and dominant attack.

Vincent Jackson. You are welcome, fellow scientists.

Randall Cobb has elevated himself to #1WR status in Green Bay. Jordy is still gimpy, and the Haley's Comet TDs for Finley will be few and far between. Get used to Harvin-Lite getting "his" in this offense.

The Patriots defense is getting better vs. the pass (Aqib Talib pick six of Luck) and worse vs. the run (Bills and Colts both ran effectively). Go figure.

Speaking of the Patriots, don't trust Julian Edelman. He does this, every 8 games. Save your waiver priority.

Waiver Wire Adds: Chad Henne (339/4 TDs vs HOU), Jalen Parmale, Ben Watson, Lance Ball & Ronnie Hillman (McGahee injured his knee early vs. San Diego), T.Y. Hilton (Donnie Avery suffered a concussion) , Justin Blackmon (if he's been dropped), Brandon Myers, Mohamed Sanu, Bryce Brown (Shady McCoy sustained a concussion).

Sunday Night Football "40-Ounce"- What can you say about the AFC North steaming hot pile of Chef-Boy-Ardee Stink-a-ronie the Steelers and Ravens served up? Not much. Byron Leftwich exhausted all the power in his battery park on a short TD run, but made sure to balance it out with an interception and multiple sacks. He's helping none of the Steeler wideouts hang on to a shred of fantasy relevancy, but hopefully his aches and pains will likely usher in the Charlie Batch Era...which in all likelihood will be just as bad. Good news? If you're a Jon Dwyer owner, his role remains solid enough, with Ike Redman on the mend, and Mendenhall working his way back to full strength. Keep using him if your RB corps is depleted.

The Ravens? What can I say, Joe Flacco is about as fantasy trustworthy as a midget at a mini-skirt fashion show. He targeted Torrey Smith a bunch, and promptly overthrew him on nearly every pass. Pitta suffered a concussion, so the only fantasy relevance in Baltimore is still Ray Rice and to a lesser extent, Boldin as a WR3/flex play.

Gronk Update- It looks like Rob Gronkowski suffered a broken forearm in the last few minutes of the Pats week 11 matchup vs. Indy, and a 4-6 week timeline is being reported for his return. In the meantime, I hope you made overtures to the Aaron Hernandez owner last week, because his stock just jumped like frozen concentrated O.J. at Duke and Duke. If your weren't that lucky, Dwayne Allen, Merc Lewis, Dallas Clark, Kyle Rudolph & Martellus Bennett (the last two may have been dropped during their byes) are all available to keep you above water at the TE position.

Stay tuned on Tuesday morning for the Monday Night Football recap, and follow me on twitter at @Rumfordjohnny. Cheers.