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32 Teams, 32 Dynasty Fantasy Football Targets Prior to Free Agency


While we’re still at a young point in this NFL offseason, Free Agency is right around the corner.  All 32 teams' rosters heading into the 2013 season are in flux, so I combed through each team in search of one player that you can target in your dynasty leagues.  Some of these players may be available on your waiver wire, while others may be untouchable because the owner is expecting big things from this player in 2013.  Most, however, are guys you can probably target for cheap in a trade, or even get an owner to “throw them in” as part of a bigger trade.

I'm the Crazy Guy that Does Fantasy Football Drafts in February


We’re only two weeks into our NFL sabbatical and yet our good buddy has already organized 16 fantasy football “Draftmaster” drafts.  For those unfamiliar with the format, it’s basically what the name implies—you just draft a team and that’s it.  The leagues will still do a weekly score for each team (it automatically picks your optimal lineup every week), and there are no waiver pickups.  The way I see it, I get 5 things out of these Draftmasters:

The "12 Pack" NFL Week 17 Early Recap

Week 17 of the NFL probably didn't have much impact on your fantasy season, but records were there to be had, as well as playoff berths and playoff seeding. Don't recall this much being on the line this late, in quite some time. Lets roll, folks...

The 2nd Annual "Rummy" Awards


You know the feeling, you walk away on draft day feeling like the cock of the walk, rostering a Silverback gorilla of a fantasy team...only to be left with a Curious George of a squad by midseason. Maybe Lady Luck was on your side and you stuck with a 2nd or third string RB and rode their over achieving arse all the way to championship weekend. In any case, these are the straws that stirred the fantasy drink this year...for better or worse.

The "12 Pack" NFL Week 16 Early Fantasy Recap

By now you might know if your Christmas Fantasy Stocking is stuffed with Championship winnings, or if you're hard at work adjusting your 2013 dynasty roster. Either way, one fantasy season ends and another begins. Here are my final regular season thoughts, and of course, look for the 2Mugs Fantasy Playoff Challenge in the coming weeks. So all is not lost, my friends. Cheers!

The "12 Pack" NFL Week 15 Early Fantasy Recap & The Fantasy Championship 411


The "12 Pack" Week 14 Fantasy Recap, Week 15 Fantasy Playoffs 411 & the #SNF "40-Ounce."

The Sunday games are now in the books, here are my early week 14 takeaways to ready you for round two of your fantasy playoffs...

(1) Just when I thought my streaming defensive pick (Cleveland) was about to bust in the first few minutes of the game, after giving up an 80-yard TD to Jamaal Charles, Travis Benjamin rips off a 93-yard punt return for a TD...the longest in franchise history. Along with 5 sacks and an INT, this is an every week fantasy defense.

The "12 Pack" Week 13 Fantasy Recap, & the Week 14 Fantasy Playoffs 411 (with bonus #SNF "40-Ounce."

The Sunday games are now in the books, here are my early week 13 takeaways to ready you for your fantasy playoffs...

The "12 Pack" Week 12 Fantasy Recap, Week 13 Waiver Wire & #SNF "40-Ounce."

The Sunday games are now in the books, here are my early week 12 takeaways...

(1) *Waves off the Canton bust maker for Jalen Parmele.* In the meantime, while Parmele left with a leg injury, Jennings scored his first TD since Romney had momentum. Fuck us all.

(2) I mentioned last week that Jon Dwyer had carved out a role for himself, and Redman and Mendenhall (twice) both punctuated my point by fumbling against Cleveland...and then Dwyer fumbles. Chris Rainey scored however, so yeah, this is a pretty shitty Todd Haley mind fuck we're about to endure. Buckle up.

The "12-Pack" : Week 11 Fantasy Recap & Early Week 12 Waiver Wire , plus the bonus #SNF "40-Ounce"

The Sunday games are now in the books, here are my early week 11 takeaways...

The "12-Pack" Waiver Wire Report: Week 10 Early Fantasy Recap & Early Week 11 Waiver Wire (& Bonus #SNF "40-Ounce)

The Sunday early games are nearly in the books, here are my early week 10 takeaways...

(1) The Wright Stuff- Jairus Wright found the end zone (he started with Harvin being ruled out with an ankle injury this week), but I wouldn't hurry to the waiver wire in redraft. Vikings have a bye next week, and Harvin could return week 12. Feel free to add Wright in dynasty leagues however.

the "12-Pack" Waiver Wire Report: Week 9 Early Fantasy Recap & Early Week 10 Waiver Wire

The Sunday games are now in the books, here are my early week 9 takeaways...

(1) Jordy La#%*!- Welp, bad if you're a Nelson owner (ankle injury, left the game after his first pass target), but good if you took @2MugsFF's advice and traded for Randall Cobb. Going forward, with a gimpy Nelson and Jennings (out for several weeks after groin surgery), Cobb is by far Rodger's most dangerous weapon. His asking price continues to climb, so hurry if you still want to get him via trade.