Rummy's Still Way Too Early 2013 NFL Mock Draft (Version 2.0)

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The first mock draft of the season is always like the first pancake on the grill, the sacrificial flapjack if you will, a little burnt, kinda sad...leading the way for the tasty silver dollar flavor pillows to come. Now that I've made you all sufficiently hungry, here's my 2nd mock, with some significant changes.

1. Chiefs- Star Lotulelei, DT Utah

2. Jaguars- Geno Smith, QB West Virginia

3. Raiders- Dion Jordan, DE/OLB Oregon

4. Eagles- Luke Joeckel, OT Texas A & M

5. Lions- Datone Jones, DE UCLA

6. Browns- Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB LSU

7. Cardinals- Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas

8. Buffalo- Matt Barkley, QB USC

Big changes to the top spot. The buzz is Alex Smith had the eye of Andy Reid last year, and a mid round pick would be enough to send him to KC once free agency begins. I'm assuming a lot at this early stage, but if Brandon Albert is locked up to an extension, then the best player available is an actual living, breathing reality. Lotulelei is an absolute monster in the form of Haloti Ngata, and would solidify a very talented young defense in the middle...impact rookie personified. The move to grab Smith made any allusions to other teams that the pick to move up for Geno Smith was a hollow one. That leaves Geno in Jacksonville, as was the case in our last mock. Speed? Check. Explosive playmaker? Check. The Raiders take the best athlete on the board in Jordan, and nobody is really all that surprised. Joeckel tumbles a bit, and Chip Kelly happily grabs the quick footed LT to execute his Dennis Dixon (yes, you heard me right) lead offense to precision. Milliner drops out of my top 8, and the Lions replace free agent Cliff Avril with the explosive Jones, who makes the already nasty Lions DL, much nastier. Mingo stays put at six, and Cleveland Nation exhales...loudly. Tyler Wilson falls a bit, and that's alright by new HC Bruce Arians, who needs an upgrade at QB in a big way. Word is that Bills HC Doug Marrone graded Barkley higher than RG3 and Luck last year. Truth or pre-Draft pick shopping? At this point, I'll take it at face value and give Marrone his man at QB.

9. Jets- Ezekial Ansah, DE BYU

10. Titans- Kenny Vaccaro, S Texas

11. Chargers- Eric Fisher, OT Eastern Michigan

12. Miami- Bjoern Werner, DE FSU

13. Buccaneers- Dee Miliner, CB Alabama

14. Panthers- Sheldon Richardson, DT Mizzou

15. Saints- Jarvis Jones, OLB Georgia

16. Rams- Chance Warmack, OG Alabama

17. Steelers- Keenan Allen, WR Cal

18. Cowboys- Larry Warford, OG Kentucky

The next four picks remain unchanged, as Ansah, Vaccaro, Fisher and Werner are all as close to no-brainer picks for the Jets, Titans, Chargers and Miami. I went back and forth over Milliner (who fell quite a few spots since the last mock) and my personal favorite CB, Xavier Rhodes, to Tampa Bay, In the end, it was Greg Schiano's desire to have plug and play type players, that do everything in solid fashion, and come from a rigid program (like Alabama). Milliner fits that bill, even if Rhodes is more of a playmaker in this man's opinion. Sheldon Richardson and Jarvis Jones stay put in Carolina and New Orleans, and big Chance Warmack ( I watched plenty of comps over the last week), is a perfect fit for the Rams at #16, and addresses an annual need to solidify their offensive line. Arguably a top ten overall player in this class, he's a bargain in this spot.Te'o drops a few spots in this mock, and the Steelers tentially losing Mike Wallace via free agency could be an even bigger need for the Steelers than LB, who need a big play WR to compliment possession WR, Antonio Brown. Enter Keenan Allen. Allen is a big, strong, sure handed WR, who had less than great QB play to round out his career at Cal. All of that aside, his ability to adjust to under-thrown and overthrown balls, as well his toughness after the catch, makes him my number one WR, and a solid pick for the Steelers. Jerry Jones once had a 330 lb. guard named Larry, who helped pave the way for Emmitt Smith to being the NFL's all time leading rusher. Larry Warford is big, nasty, and moves plenty of earth. He's moved up my board with a bullet, and he's a great building block to pair with Tyron Smith up front.

19. Giants- Lane Johnson, OT Oklahoma

20. Bears- Manti Te'o, LB Notre Dame

21. Bengals- Eddie Lacy, RB Alabama

22. Rams (from Washington Redskins) - Arthur Brown, LB Kansas State

23. Vikings- DeAndre Hopkins, WR Clemson

24. Colts- Xavier Rhodes, CB FSU

25. Seahawks- Tavon Austin, WR West Virginia

26. Packers- Zach Ertz, TE Stanford

The Giants uncharacteristically missed the playoffs this year, and a big reason (aside from a plethora of injuries) was their spotty OL play. It has to get younger, better and nastier. Big Lane Johnson is an excellent technician, and only needs a pro weight room and conditioning program to add bulk to his frame. Think a nastier version of Nate Solder, and a steal for Tom Coughlin. Manti Te'o's fall is the Bears gain at #20, and the Bengals grab a one cut, rolling ball of thumbtacks in Eddie Lacy at #21. Watched a lot of Lacy this week, and he's not just a downhill bruiser. He's a smart runner who can make you miss, and make you pay if you square up. He'd be gone with the Ram's next pick if the Bengals passed, good thing they knew better. I flipped my original pick, and gave the Rams versatile LB, Arthur Brown. Brown helps a defense that was strong pressuring the QB last year, but still vulnerable vs. the run. Brown helps in that vein immediately. My #2 WR this year, in a year filled with WR talent, goes to the Vikings with the next pick. DeAndre Hopkins is a bit raw, but his upside is like an oak barrel filled with gun powder. Hopkins has all the ability to be an impact payer at the next level. My favorite CB, Xavier Rhodes, fills a big need for an Indy defense that was continually picked apart on the back end all year. Rhodes is a playmaker, and should make an impact immediately as a starter. Tavon Austin stays with Seattle (as was the case in the last mock), and lends a legit passing threat to Russell Wilson in 2013. The Packers also stay put with big TE, Zach Ertz. As noted with the last mock, with Greg Jennings likely gone via free agency, the Packers add another TE, instead of another WR who'll likely be a role player anyway. The Pack rolling out 12 personnel with Finley and Ertz? Oh my.

27. Texans- Quinton Patton, WR Louisiana Tech

28. Broncos- Johnthan Banks, CB Mississippi State

29. Patriots- Stedman Bailey, WR West Virginia

30. Falcons- Tyler Eifert, TE Notre Dame

31. Niners- D. J. Swearinger, S South Carolina

32. Ravens- Jonathan Cyprien, S FIU

The Texans desperately need a WR2 opposite Andre Johnson, and one that potentially can ascend to the number one spot once Johnson loses a step (see Marvin Harrison/Reggie Wayne). Patton is a perfect #2 WR in year one, and has all the ability to ascend to a WR1 once AJ loses a step. A big need filled in a deep WR class. The Broncos were exposed on the back end by the Ravens in the playoffs, and adding Johnthan Banks at this point is an easy call. The Pats can go a lot of ways here, but with the top corners off the board, the Pats fill another potential need (if Welker leaves via FA, or if they don't extend Lloyd) in landing a tough, smart and well rounded WR in Bailey. Geno Smith's go-to WR, Bailey is sure handed and is reminiscent of Carolina's Steve Smith. Gonzo's replacement stays put at #30 (Eifert) for Atlanta, and will have big shoes to fill, as Gonzo has averaged 80 catches the last few seasons, and was a go-to red zone threat for Matt Ryan. The last two picks address potential free agency losses for both of the Super Bowl participants. D.J. Swearinger addresses a void left by (potentially) Dashon Goldson, should he walk via free agency, and Cyprien to the World Champion Ravens, if Ed Reed becomes a cap casualty. Although good will goes a long way after a Super Bowl win.

That wraps up Mock 2.0, send bags of flaming poo or awkward, lingering hugs my way via twitter @RumfordJohnny. Cheers.


The Packers draft a TE? Because their OL is stellar, they've got no problems at DB - Kaepernick getting 190 rushing yards was a fluke - and they've got an unbelievable running game....yeah, that's the word for it.

Finley leaving? Who cares? They've got four guys in back of him. It is actually possible you've chosen the ONLY position they WON'T draft in the 1st. They are more likely to draft a kicker (and they need one more) than a TE.

no way in heck belichick drafts a wr in 1st round. he needs picks. will try his best to drop back


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