2MugsFF Special Appearances

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Besides our own award winning** podcast, the Mugs behind 2 Mugs Fantasy Football occasionally venture out into unchartered waters and make guest appearances on other fantasy football podcasts.  If you find yourself craving more, give these a listen.


  • (October 18, 2011) This time, Ryan joins The Dynasty Blitz podcast with .  The two talk rookies who are on the up, as well as discuss some 2-3 year players whose stocks are up and down.  They also dive into the Chiefs running back situation through 2011 and beyond.
  • The Dynasty Blitz Podcast (July 26, 2011) - Our own stops by the Dynasty Blitz Podcast to chat with and discuss all things fantasy football, NFL Free Agency, and why he's not a big "dynasty guy."
  • The Football Sickness Podcast: Summertime Sickness Edition (July 8, 2011) - John joins host Ryan Burns on the fantastic Football Sickness podcast for the FIRST EVER edition of the Fantasy Sickness.  Of course, there is a solid lead-in between Mr. Burns and fellow Sickness aficionado Sen Sogah, and they discuss all the latest happenings in both the NCAA and NFL.

** Note that the 2 Mugs podcast has not really won any awards...yet.