Broncos Lose...Tim Tebow Fans Troll John Elway's Twitter Account

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The Tebow supporters have reached outrageous levels, as everyday we're subjected to this nonsense about a quarterback, who by all definitions of the word, trolled his way to the NFL playoffs and actually won a game.  This epidemic that has been continually pushed by the likes of ESPN and the New York media has reached ridiculous proportions.  And now, here I am, contributing to the cause.  It does pain me to do this because I know it's wrong.  It's dumb.  It's lame.  But the loser in me couldn't help but search Twitter for the following phrase: "@Johnelway Tebow" on Sunday afternoon, and I feel it's at least my duty to share with you what I found.

The Misinformed Folks

These tweets pretty much all say that same thing (littered with misspellings and shitty avatars): that Tebow got farther in the playoffs than Manning. 

(That's a killer wifebeater, gramps)


(Which round did we play this weekend?  Go 49ers!)


(The logic of a bicep)


(Great point)


(This guy is a Doctor...of something)


(Hey, Mark Sanchez's backup won his playoff game! Back me up Skip!)


(Statistics 101)


(This is the ultimate troll. He even suggests "I want to hold a clipboard for life" Orton)



Name Calling

These people are just rude.


(Apparently, John was born from a bitch. I could have sworn his mother was a filly)


(While taking a picture in his mother's bathroom before school, @xMLG_Drizzy decided that John Elway was a fags.  I bet Elway wishes he didn't screw Tebow over by trading him to a team where he might actually have a shot at playing QB)


(I know the first part of this tweet is factually inaccurate. I can't verify the 2nd part)


Jesus Loves You

(Consolation prize)


Brilliant Ideas

(I can't wait until this scenario happens. "Hey Peyton, thanks for the 13 wins. Tebow's in for the playoffs.")


(Are you asking a question. How much further did they make it.)


(Now Tebow is better than Peyton Manning AND John Elway. These people live among us!)




This one takes the cake...for so many reasons.  Perfect avatar, perfect grammar (given the circumstances), and perfect tweet.






Time Tebow is en fact butter then John Manning!!!!!!!

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