The Year Three WR: Breakout or Just Plain Broken?

The third year wide receiver--we covet these players in our fantasy drafts, because year three is generally believed to be the year that the proverbial "light goes on" for these young wideouts. It's the year they go from sophomore slump to potential fantasy stud. The key is identifying value among these junior burners and stocking your roster accordingly.


Rummy's Monday Morning Cartoon for the Week of July 9th

The #2MugsBeerDraft Draft Grades Special

Another fantasy season, another season to set your board with prime hops and barley. That's right, it's the 2nd Annual #2MugsBeerDraft, and the heavy hitters came out to play. I'll be grading the "draughts" with a Beer Advocate elementary school grading system, and the draft below is listed as each "draughter" selected. Cheers.



1. @zach_law of Our resident fantasy football interviewer, brought some strong picks to his draft, and peppered his roster with some sweet beer porn...which is always good.

The 2nd Annual @2MugsFF Beer Draft

It's that time of year again, when your favorite fantasy geeks drop knowledge and pop tops, giving you the 411 on their favorite micro brews and tasty game day libations. The draft is pretty simple: Five rounds, (1) Golden (2) Amber (3) Dark, and two FLEX options. Drafters will post their pick and PICS on Twitter, as "beer porn" is not only encouraged, it is expected. Follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #2mugsbeerdraft, and give a follow to the participating "draught" drafters below. Cheers!

(1) @zach_law

(2) @RotoPat

(3) @RyFo18

(4) @BNQuinlan

Fantasy Football Cartoon of the Week (June 18)

Visualizing a Value Based Draft Strategy (A @FantasyDouche Guest Post)


This article is a guest post by Frank DuPont, aka the Fantasy Douche.  You can follow the Fantasy Douche on Twitter where he is simply .  You can also find him on his website where he writes about fantasy football and real football.  Lastly, you can check out his book “” on Amazon.

Rummy's Cartoon for the Week of May 28th

Rummy's Monday Morning Cartoon

The Monday Hangover (Rummy's NFL News & Notes)

Like many, I was blown away by the news of Junior Seau taking his own life last week. A life ended too soon and without warning to those who knew and loved him...but then I thought deeper. Seau's car "accident" two years ago in California may have been a cry for help, for an otherwise prideful man.

Forbes & Rummy Take an Early Look at the Fantasy Relevant Rookies

Forbes & Rummy Take An Early Look at the 2012 Rookies


The 2012 NFL Draft is now in our collective rear view mirrors, but we the Mugs take a first glance at who we think landed in ideal fantasy football situations, as well as some rookies who may be flying under the radar.

Captain Obvious

These are the stud rookies who are in good situations and should have solid rookie production...