Forbes & Rummy Take an Early Look at the Fantasy Relevant Rookies

Forbes & Rummy Take An Early Look at the 2012 Rookies


The 2012 NFL Draft is now in our collective rear view mirrors, but we the Mugs take a first glance at who we think landed in ideal fantasy football situations, as well as some rookies who may be flying under the radar.

Captain Obvious

These are the stud rookies who are in good situations and should have solid rookie production...

@2MugsFF NFL Draft Podcast Tour: Rummy visits the F*BALL Podcast

The @2MugsFF NFL Draft Tour continues, this time around Rummy stopped by the F*BALL Podcast to talk NFL Draft, and some knowledge was dropped...

2012 Consensus NFL Mock Draft: Compiling Results From 158 Mocks

Forbes' 2012 Consensus NFL Mock Draft

Update 4/24

You'll now see a new table near the bottom that shows the top 4 picks for each team.  A commenter requested it, and it gives some more insight into what each team "may" be thinking.

Rummy's FINAL 2012 NFL 1st Round Mock Draft

The 2012 NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday, and by now the media information/misinformation stream is tapering off to a slow trickle. This is easily one of the toughest years to navigate, especially after the 6th pick. This is one man's assessment. Enjoy.


1. Colts - Andrew Luck: G.M. Ryan Grigson finally confirmed the obvious last week,t hey're taking the most talked about QB in the last three years. Yaaaaaawn!

The 2 Mugs Fantasy Football NFL Draft Podcast Tour

The 2MugsFF Podcast Tour


A Look at the 2012 NFL Draft Prospects with "Issues?"

Alshon Jeffery is a 2MugsFF favorite, but will his antics push him down boards?


It happens every year in the weeks leading up to the NFL Draft, players with red flags and off the field concerns go anywhere from top fifteen picks to undraftable. The following are top tier talents and where I think they'll fall on Draft Day...


1. Michael Floyd/WR - The Notre Dame product is widely considered a more complete WR than the top prospects in the draft, but multiple alcohol related incidents have him off some teams’ boards. There is no doubting his ability, and at 6'-3" 220+ lbs,he's an ideal prototype #1 WR.

Rummy's 2012 NFL Mock Draft *5.0 (*Next to Last Version)

Free Agency has petered out to a slow drip on an old faucet, so the board is beginning to take shape from a need standpoint. There's always a curveball in round one, and you might just see one in this version. Let's roll...


1. Colts – Andrew Luck, QB: Let's not get cute with the RG3 talk. Irsay is bananas, but Luck has been the guy since day one. If Irsay does flip and take RG3, the Skins pre-draft trade would likely complicate things. I don't see that happening.

Post Free-Agency Mock Draft (Version 4.0)


With waves 1 and 2 of Free Agency settling in, mock drafts are beginning to take shape.   Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn have found new homes (in Denver and Seattle respectively), and even Tim Tebow managed to find a way to make "Dysfunction Junction" even more dysfunctional in New York. With that said, Mock 4.0 takes shape...

The Midweek Hangover (Rummy's NFL News & Notes)

Peyton picked a team! Peyton picked a team! Yeah, unfortunately it was the wrong one in this man's opinion. Everybody and Deion Sanders grandmother thought Peyton to San Francisco was as comfortable a fit as a fat kid in sweatpants. However, my gut feeling all along was the best "Peyton" fit was never going to be the most ready made for a Super Bowl push. Staying out of Eli's conference, keeping his wife happy, and playing for a team that would allow him to run his own offense were the keys that led to this decision. Elway and Foxy are savvy enough to know better.

"The Monday Hangover" (Rummy's NFL News & Notes)