The Monday Hangover (Rummy's NFL News & Notes)



The deadline for applying the NFL's franchise tag is today (4pm EST), here are the updates on designations thus far.


DeSean Jackson, WR, $9.5 million - The Eagles were expected to tag Jackson, who was surprisingly happy and optimistic about the move (at least via the media). It remains to be seen as to whether the Eagles work out a long term deal, or look to move Jackson via trade.

The "How Your Team SHOULD Draft" Mock Draft (Version 3.0)


In my previous mock (version 2.0), it was with the understanding that it was how I believe said team WILL draft, and not how I think they SHOULD draft. This truncated version is just that, how they should address the draft come April. Keep in mind, still throwing out any free agency speculation at this point. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter , for praise or to tell me I'm insane.


1. Colts - Andrew Luck/QB Stanford

Ask Dr. Rummy: Free Agency/Combine/Pre-Draft/Jeremy Lin Edition (or Lindition)



Dear Doc Rummy,

I guess you've read Michael Silver's latest in GQ, and I have to tell you, I don't like being painted as a bitter, diva QB. Is there a way I can best deflect this attention, especially to any potential teams in Free Agency?


Brady Quinn


Dear Brady,

Rummy's 2012 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (1st Round)

*Note:This is an early Mock Draft, that doesn't include the potential draft order changes at 8/9 & 11/12, that will be determined at the Combine, via a coin flip. I'll feature subsequent drafts once free agency is under way, and one final draft just prior to the actual draft in April.


Super Bowl 46 Fantasy Plays, Predictions, and Saying Goodbye to Another Awesome Season

2 Mugs Fantasy Football Super Bowl 46 Preview

I apologize if this article is poorly written, but it’s very hard to cry and type at the same time.  Alright, alright, I’m not crying, but with the last game of the NFL season just days away, there’s always a certain sadness that lingers over me.  Gone are the Sundays where I spend all day on the couch taking in football on two side-by-side TVs, while washing down ribs or pulled pork sandwiches with some tasty suds brewed from breweries that put out as much beer in a year that Miller-Coor’s or Anheuser-Busch spill on their floors in a day. 

Jan 29th - The "Way Too Early" NFL Mock Draft (Picks 1-10)

1. Colts/Andrew Luck: The love affair in Indianapolis is over, as it should be. After signing Peyton Manning to a new contract that included a hefty $28 million dollar bonus in 2012, with the knowledge of multiple neck surgeries, Jim Irsay's unedited Twitter feed gave us all a ring side seat. All of the verbal cat fighting aside, Irsay can't afford to pay $23+ million guaranteed to Luck, as well as pick up Manning's option. Irsay will be all in for the next great franchise QB in Indy.

Championship Weekend: Fantasy League Locks

2 Mugs Fantasy Football League Plays for Championship Week


As all weekends involving NFL games are, this past weekend was absolutely fantastic.  The Saints and 49ers treated us to one of the most exciting games in recent history, as Alex Smith showed everyone why Jim Harbaugh is a freakin’ genius.  Making some huge plays in the clutch, it was a spectacular moment for Alex, who has constantly been under fire from San Francisco fans and the media in his 7 years since being taken as the number 1 overall pick.

Rummy's Divisional Round Salary Cap League Lineup Locks

The Wild Card Round is officially over, and the only major  upset (unless you love Jesus, DUH!) was the Denver Broncos eliminating the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers. Looking back, a gimpy Roethlisberger, no Mendenhall & a Pittsburgh defense that had little or no respect for the arm of Tim Tebow, it may have been a forgone conclusion...even though it came down to "Tebow-vertime." In any case, let's get cracking...



Rummy's Wild Card Weekend Salary Cap League Lineup Locks

*The following lineup is based on Post Season Salary Cap Leagues, and is comprised with the knowledge that the following players will advance (hopefully) and likely used again in leagues where you’re able to use the same player as they advance to the Divisional Rounds...

Wildcard Round-

The 2MugsFF Playoff Challenge

2MugsFF Playoff Challenge

Still haven't had your fill of fantasy football for the season?  Well then join 2 Mugs Fantasy Football's Playoff Challenge.  Here's the skinny: