The 2nd Annual @2MugsFF Beer Draft

It's that time of year again, when your favorite fantasy geeks drop knowledge and pop tops, giving you the 411 on their favorite micro brews and tasty game day libations. The draft is pretty simple: Five rounds, (1) Golden (2) Amber (3) Dark, and two FLEX options. Drafters will post their pick and PICS on Twitter, as "beer porn" is not only encouraged, it is expected. Follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #2mugsbeerdraft, and give a follow to the participating "draught" drafters below. Cheers!

(1) @zach_law

(2) @RotoPat

(3) @RyFo18

(4) @BNQuinlan

(5) @4for4_Josh

(6) @iHateJJRedick

(7) @JeffRatcliffe

(8) @mschauf63

(9) @FtblSickness

(10) @DLFootball

(11) @EyeoftheGator

(12) @RumfordJohnny

A reminder, this is not a serpentine draft, so @zach_law will be back on the clock after round one is complete. Stay thirsty my friends, and is too short to drink shitty beer.


My favorite draft

or should I say draught? Love it, guys. You're killing me with the Flex options.


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