There is No Sex In The VIP Room...Just Beer. (A Foggy Review of the 1st Annual Rhode Island Brew Fest)

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When I heard there was to be a Rhode Island-centric Brew Fest coming last Fall, I was as giddy as a Japanese Anime character. I've long been a preacher of drinking locally and supporting our brothers and sisters of the hops and barley. I bought my VIP tickets early...and I waited. Last weekend the Pawtucket Armory (a beautiful old building, that once featured wrestling matches and other carny sideshows) was the perfect venue to house over 34 brew makers and their tasty libations. Like a good little beer nerd, I tasted, took notes, and snapped picks of the sexy beer porn.

Then I lost my notes.

What remains are a few photos, and the foggy memories of a man who consumed lots of 9%+ ABV beer. So yeah, I'll do my best here, kids.

A. The VIP Room Guy, shows off his hard to find brew selections...all of which were tasty, as far as I can remember.

B. Orvisholt Brugghus Lava - Smoked Imperial Stout. Far and away my favorite brew of the Fest, and the nearest locale to obtain this bad boy from Finland? 80 miles away. Fuck. Me.

C. Kentucky Bourbon Ale, aged in bourbon barrels and produced in Kentucky. I didn't want to love this, but I did. Readily available nationally. Nice time of year to enjoy this caramel sweet brew.

D. Why is this man giving me the Arthur Fonzarelli thumbs up? It's because he knows he's decanting the most badass Coffee Porter on the planet (trust me, I've tried them all), Berkshire Brewing Company's "Dean's Beans." I want this to be my death row beverage.

E. Our good friend Nick Garrison (and his lovely wife) of Foolproof Brewing Company, met with rave reviews for his pourings at the Fest, most notably, "Revery" their new Russian Imperial Stout, at 10.7% ABV it packs a whallop, but its damn tasty. I'll be looking for it once it hits stores with their other current offerings.

Well, that's all my foggy memory will allow me to reveal about this great event. I'll be sure to attend next year, and maybe this time I'll take notes on my iPhone.

Beer Fest

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