The "12 Pack" NFL Week 17 Early Recap

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Week 17 of the NFL probably didn't have much impact on your fantasy season, but records were there to be had, as well as playoff berths and playoff seeding. Don't recall this much being on the line this late, in quite some time. Lets roll, folks...

1. Not to rehash a week 16 storyline, but the CLEAN hit by Kam Chancellor on Vernon Davis, is why the "helmet to helmet" rules need to be automatically reviewable, or in the very least challengeable by head coaches. Despite the fact that Chancellor was not fined after the fact, it had an effect in game. When games are on the line and players are being raked in the wallet via hefty league fines, they need to at least give them the ability to challenge the fallibility of on the spot officiating, and avoid the wasteful expense of appealing fines. I'm all for player safety, but we should be lauding clean hits that attract us all to the game in the first place.

2. The Eagles gave Andy Reid quite the anemic sendoff. Wording the street is that San Diego already wants nothing to do with Reid once he's canned (and he will be), but Arizona as shown interest. Haven't heard his name connected with Cleveland at all, but he'd be an interesting candidate.

3. Speaking of the Eagles, Chip Kelly could do wonders with that offense, but he'd still inherit a disjointed defense. If Schwartz gets the axe in Detroit? Would be a great DC for Kelly, but hey, I'm getting way ahead of myself.

4. That's so Jags.

5. The Texans look more and more like a one and done playoff team, after being the consensus AFC Super Bowl rep early in the year. Another year, another WTF is wrong with the Texans?

6. Huge lift by Chuck Pagano's return and the Colts are a great story, taking the boots hard to the reeling Texans. However, at the risk of being a buzzkill, the Colts defense is still a sieve. In January, good teams lean on the run, and this undersized defense will be on their heels. Still, and amazing story and a team everyone can root for with pride.

7. Cam Newton didn't do much for your Fanduel team, but sure as hell provided answers on his toughness. It looked like his knee would have kept him out of the game, and his return was surprising. Tough, tough kid.

8. Megatron denied of 2000 yards receiving, while the Lions denied the Giants a post season bid, losing a close one to the Bears. Pretty much sums up the Lions season, shitting on the Madden Curse...and shitting away close games.

9. Speaking of 2000 yards, congratulations to Adrian Peterson. While other sites told you to stay away from Adrian Peterson, 2mugs told you he was a 2nd round steal after coming back from ACL surgery. One year later, who would have imagined he'd not only play at a high level, but destroy his own personal best? He is not made of the same stuff as you and I...not even close. Just 9 yards shy of Eric Dickerson's all-time single season record, he'll happily settle for a playoff berth instead.

10. Denver is your AFC #1 seed after a beatdown of Kansas City. Right now they're the hot AFC team, seeding or not. New England locks in the #2 seed, with the Bengals visiting the slumping Texans, and the rising Colts visiting the always tough Ravens in the Wildcard Round.

11. The light finally went on for Michael Crabtree this season...and it's name was Colin Kaepernick. I expect Crabby will go exponentially higher in fantasy drafts than he did the last 4 seasons, a good QB has a funny way of doing that to your ADP.

12. Rummy on the Board-

Did the Chargers play the Raiders? That's cute.

The Rams know how to keep it close in the NFC West...and not much else.

Thanks for the week 17 memories Jordy and Greg.

Bills streaming week 17 defense? You. Are. Welcome.

Who doesn't love them some Russ Wilson? Tied Peyton Manning's rookie TD record (26) and willing his team into the playoffs.

The NFC seeding? The Falcons have locked up the top seed, the Niners the second seed, and a bye as well. The Bears eliminated by the Vikes win (who lock up the 6th seed) face the Packers...AGAIN! The Seahawks will travel to the winner of tonight's Washington/Dallas. Wow. What a season. Cheers!

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