The Four Hopsmen of the Beerpocalypse- The November BEERS of the Month

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The leaves have changed color, falling gracefully to blanket our once green lawns, and it's a reminder that it's that time again...seasonal brew time. Autumnal ales, Pumpkins, Browns, Porters and Stouts, they all satisfy the soul in the warm glow of a cracking fire. This month? We bring you four...yes FOUR tasty options for your NFL Sunday. So crack open one of these beauties, and remember, they're always best in a glass to unearth the flavors and aromas that the brewmasters work so hard for you to enjoy. Cheers!

Goose Island Harvest Ale: You've heard me rave about Goose Island's Belgium Powerhouse "Matilda," but their Harvest Ale seasonal brew is another solid offering. Beautiful copper, it's malty and hoppy, with a slightly bitter finish. It's surprisingly drinkable at 5.7 ABV, and a versatile choice for a Thanksgiving brew.

Six Point Brewery's Autmnation: Another of my favorite brewers as of late, the NY based brewer hasn't released a clunker in recent memory, as their brews are full bodied and generally pack a wallop. "Autmnation" has pumpkin notes and rotates their hops annually for this offering, to enhance its individuality. This year? It's citrus hops that play nicely with the savory pumpkin notes. 6.7 ABV.

Southern Tier's Special Harvest Ale: Another great NY based brewer, Southern Tier is quickly becoming another one of my go-to brewers for can't miss tasty libations. This seasonal is an English style brew, with a gorgeous reddish copper color and satisfying blend of hops and barley for a decidedly toasty finish. Great on a cool evening with meat and taters. 6.7 ABV

Magic Hat's Heart of Darkness Stout: Back when we launched, I visited this Vermont based brewery and came away impressed. The heart of a true microbrewer, with big ambition. It's renowned #9 IPA is already a favorite, and it's inky black English stout is a toasty, chocolatey dream. Surprisingly drinkable for such a bold brew at 5.7 ABV.

So go out and get these tasty seasonal offerings, and be sure to share your #BeerPorn with @2mugsff on Twitter.