May Beer of the Month: Goose Island Beer Co.'s "Matilda" Belgian Ale

Belgian Ale

Chimay Blue. The undisputed champion of Belgian ales (at least in this man's opinion). I have yet to taste its equal...until now. It's hard to lend credence to an American craft brewer producing a Belgian style in the strict tradition of the Belgian monks, but the Goose Island Beer Co. out of Chicago got this one right. "Matilda" Belgian Ale is chock full of floral notes, fruit and hints of hoppy goodness permeate this complex yet refreshing brew. A stellar Springtime beverage, it's crisp and sweet, and drinks like an effervescent Rose'.


The 2 Mugs Fantasy Football BEER Mock Draft (Round 3)

Round 3

3.1 () Victory Hop Wallop (Downingtown, PA) - I linked to the Beer Advocate review because the first two lines contain the phrases "absolutely amazing" and "insane amount of hops." What more do you need to know?


The 2 Mugs Fantasy Football BEER Mock Draft (Round 2)

Round 2

2.1 () Lakefront IPA (Milwaukee, WI) - A local brewery in Milwaukee, they do a good job on this IPA.  Pours a hazy orange color and has a nice, foamy head.  The citrus hops give it a pleasing, fruity scent.  Like the smell would hint, the taste of citrus hops (a slight grapefruit flavor comes to mind) gives away to a nice bitter finish that will stick with you for a while.

The 2 Mugs Fantasy Football BEER Mock Draft

By now it’s no secret that my right hand man, John, and I like to keep our mugs full.  Well technically, we like to empty them too.  If you’ve been keeping up with the Beer of the Month, you’ve seen (and hopefully tasted) some of our favorite brews.  As it turns out, many of our fellow fantasy football cohorts share our appetite to seek out the best beers of the world.  With the lockout now a thing of the past, it’s only a matter of time before “expert” fantasy football drafts start to surface.  So while you’re preparing for your league’s draft, we put tog

What I did on Summer Vacation...Hint: It Rhymes with DRINK BEER

Roger Goodell & Dee Smith gave me the go ahead to cease fantasy football operations for a week, so during that time I spent some time with my sweet "better half" in the rolling green hills of Vermont. During that time, I hiked, ate some quality grub, and of course, enjoyed some tasty craft beer.



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