2 Mugs Mission Statement

Once upon a fantasy football season, Ryan Forbes and John Sarmento shared a web space as writers for the FFPharmacy.com fantasy football site. Over time, they realized they shared a similar vision and appreciated each other’s fantasy football and NFL intel. An idea was born:

2MugsFantasyFootball.com. A site with a tailored vision to the discerning fantasy geek, with some humor thrown in, and an appreciation for well, BEER.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be improving the site (with your help), to make this an experience for the fantasy ninja who wants to sneak up on their opposition. A unique community, not meant to take on the World, but rather, beat the snot out of the folks in your respective fantasy league. What can you expect?

  1. Comprehensive and timely fantasy info: John's “Hot Garbage” waiver wire column will be out every Sunday night after the last game, to help you get the jump on the opposition. While other sites will make you wait till Monday or even Tuesday afternoon, 2 Mugs have you covered.
  2. The Forbes List: Ryan Forbes, our resident stat guy, will have you covered with key target info and rankings each week. No fluff, just the stuff.
  3. The Flex Luthor of the Week: You might remember this column from John's FFP days, as he I.D.'s a key sleeper pickup to add to your fantasy team. Last year he highlighted guys like Stevie Johnson and Legarrette Blount, both of which went on to help folks win their fantasy leagues.
  4. Top Secret Double Secret Probation Type Stuff: These are features that will be wheeled out as the season opens (God willing!).  We promise they will be worth your wait.
  5. Best of All?: IT’S FREE! We want YOU, the picky-anal-retentive-fantasy-geeks who want a custom experience. With your help, we’ll make this an ideal fantasy football destination for all.

So take this ride with us, and let us do the work for you. 2 mugs, one vision, pissing excellence.