Meet the Mugs

Ryan Forbes

Ryan Forbes is a fantasy stat man. In fact, if he had his own cologne, it would be called "Stat-son." He'd be on the label, likely wearing a cowboy hat. Truth be told, Ryan has over 11 years of fantasy football experience under his cowboy belt buckle. Ryan also enjoys fantasy baseball and hockey, and smoking mystery meat in his backyard. He's a software writer by day, and resides in Wisconsin with his lovely wife, Melissa, and their giant lap dog, Lucy (below).


John Sarmento

John Sarmento is more of a strategy guy. In fact, he's not sure how to present this blurb, as it would reveal his blurb strategy. John is old, and therefore has over 15 years years of fantasy football experience to dwarf Ryan's measly 11 years. John works with folks with Autism by day, most of which, don't really don't give a shit about fantasy football. He lives with his beautiful wife, Jill, & scruffy hobo dog, Brimley, in Rhode Island. No, he's not in the Mafia.