The @2MugsFF Year Three WR Podcast

Forbes and Rummy break down Rummy's "Year Three WR" piece, and decide whether or not the value is there...or if it's just fool's gold.

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The 2MugsFF Podcast : "The Don't Believe the Hype...or Should You?" Edition

Forbes and Rummy break down the latest on the over-hyped and under-hyped players on your fantasy radar, and answer a few questions from our loyal listeners...

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The 2MugsFF Podcast: AFC South & AFC West Early Fantasy Preview

Forbes and Rummy close out their 32 NFL team previews, with the AFC South and the AFC West. They talk about why you should be leery of Denver's running game, and why Philip Rivers won't miss Vincent Jackson all that much...

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The 2MugsFF Podcast: AFC North Early Fantasy Preview

Short but sweet, Forbes and Rummy talk fantasy implications in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL...the AFC North.

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The 2MugsFF Podcast: AFC East & NFC West Early Fantasy Preview

Forbes and Rummy take an early look at the juggernaut Patriot offense and the rest of the AFC East, and try their best to make sense of the ever murky fantasy football landscape in the NFC West...

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